housing Inzersdorf

location: 1230, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2015
units: 213, 1 kindergarten,
1 retail space

building contractor: Gewog, Heimbau
landscape planning: EGKK
21 apartments, various community areas, trade rooms and a four group kindergarten are planned in the old building along the Draschestraße ("Meierhoftrakt"), which whole facade, the roof with the risalits and the vault in the ground-floor are under monumental protection.
The residentail part is built as a three floor new build onto the old vault and with distance behind the old facade. This enables a new segmentation of the floors, which is released from the window segmentation of the old facade. The room between the old and the new facade is used as an arcade with a two-storey airspace to develope the 21 apartments. A new facade is build on the yard side, which is detached from the ground-floor through a incised loggia ribbon. Generous glazings and balconies are orientated south to the semiprivate free spaces which surround the former fabric chimney.
In the south of the old building located five floor new build are 192 apartments and various general rooms. The not entirely closed perimeter development enables a transition and an opening to the old building and to the Inzersdorfer parish place. It also builds a almost closed yard, which offers recreational and play areas for the adjoining apartments.
To offer a mix of apartment types, maisonettes and storey apartments are planned. Stairway accesses and arcades are scheduled as development forms.
Almost all apartments are orientated to both sides and are provided with a street side loggia and a yard side balcony.
While the loggias on the outside of the building are places for self-expression - a stage of living - the balconies on the inside are calm places, the gardens of the apartments.